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Is 'Born This Way' One Of The Most Pretentious Albums Ever?

Last week the NME posted a list of their ’Top 10 Most Pretentious Albums Ever’, awarding Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ the top spot and provoking a tirade of abuse from Lady Gaga fans.

The feud began as Lady Gaga issued this response on twitter:

Oh the irony of winning most pretentious album ever from none other than the NME. *Eyeroll* I might laugh forever + ten return to narcissism”.

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters rallied behind her in typical fashion, claiming that they would “start a monsterwar with the NME”, “tear them limb from limb” and “p**s on the their face”. Little monsters indeed.

This is reminiscent of when Kelly Osborne dared to criticise the ‘Country Road’ version of ‘Born This Way’, claiming that she “looooooved Lady Gaga” but the song sounded like the “theme song to Rosanne”.

Of course these sorts of reactions are only the views of the minority of Lady Gaga fans. However, for a group who seem to pride themselves on their tolerance and their anti-bullying stance, the hypocrisy is undeniable. YAY tolerance and freedom of Speech and all that…as long as, err, you think Lady Gaga is the best.

That’s not to say that Lady Gaga fans don’t have a right to feel aggrieved. Take a look at NME’s list of their most pretentious albums and you will find a series of obscure and universally unloved albums that everyone already agrees are terrible anyway. Then thrown in at number one is ‘Born This Way’ – one of last year’s best-selling albums by an artist who has millions of highly devoted and highly antagonistic fans. With the NMEs readership plummeting, it doesn't take no Bendict Cumberbatch to see a more sinister agenda here.

This whole NME vs. Lady Gaga feud has left both parties looking equally as bad. And with the country’s biggest music publication and the world’s biggest pop star publicly exchanging childish swipes at each other, this is a pretty embarrassing reflection of the music industry in general.

See the NME's 'Ten Most Pretentious Albums Ever' here.

Mike Townsend