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Interview With Tinpan Orange

To mark their soon-to-be-released album, 'Love is a Dog', we caught up with Tinpan Orange's Emily Lubitz to talk about the release and what drink to wash it down with.



Rich Man has had such a great reaction (over 25K plays and counting on YT) since it’s release a few weeks ago, can you tell us about why the song was written and the meaning behind it?


The song was co-written by myself, Jesse (my brother) and Harry (my husband and co-producer of Love is a Dog) on a writing retreat we made for ourselves in Bali. We all sat around strumming and humming and together we came up with the chords and melody. We had never written like that before and it was a little scary because usually it's the bad ideas that come out first when writing and to have someone hearing them can feel a bit exposed. It's also the first time I have tried singing in falsetto and that set the tone for the rest of the album. The song is sort of about a Tom Buchanan and Daisy vibe in The Great Gatsby. A sad and unsatiated woman who is trapped in an empty marriage to a wealthy man.


Your new album ‘Love is a Dog’ will be released April 8, but is currently available for pre-order. Can you tell us about what direction the album has seen you travel in as a band?  As some of you are parents now - do these experiences of parenthood get woven into the songs?


This album was miraculously squeezed from the corners of our very full lives. The band took a two year hiatus and decided to return to the studio at a very busy time. Jesse had his first baby and I had my second and life was running at a million miles an hour. Common sense would say that we shouldn't have made this record but we were very determined. Our love for this music was too strong. While only one of the songs is directly about parenthood (Fools and Cowboys - a song a wrote for my two sons), I think that our life experiences permeate the songs and so our kids have somehow influenced the album, even if it's not conspicuous. The album is about love. Good love, bad love, happy love, sad love, friendship, love for your children, lost love. There are some songs about the paralysis of privilege, the precariousness of having too much to lose and pain of loving someone too much.  


You’ve played some really wonderful shows around Australia and Internationally, including supporting the Cat Empire, Husky, and others. What has been one of your favourite live shows or memories and why?


We launched our last album, Over The Sun to a sold out crowd at The Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. As Ainslee Wills was warming up the crowd the storm outside caused the entire street to lose power. Halfway through one of her songs the lights and sound all went OFF! We were pretty panicked, but with a room full of people, the show had to go on.. We all grabbed out instruments and stepped on stage. The room was packed but you could hear a pin drop. We played for about 40 minutes. No amplification. No lights. Like campfire songs without a campfire and I was in a gold dress. It was beautiful. I got off stage and wept. It was the best and the worst of gigs. I was so moved by the love and respect our fans gave us in such an unpredictable circumstance.


How do you usually discover new music - do you use Spotify yourself or prefer vinyl?

I am quite tech UN-savvy so I usually wait for a friend to recommend something and then listen to it on cd or vinyl. I am trying to change this though.. I fell like I'm missing out sometimes. My new years resolution is to make the internet my friend.


If there was a perfect drink/cocktail to have while listening to Tinpan Orange - what would it be? ( says bourbon!)


An Old Fashioned (perhaps with Bourbon!). For reasons mentioned above...


Can you tell us what you have coming up for 2016 in terms of tours and shows?


We will be releasing Love is Dog April 8th then touring it all over the country through May and June. Our website has all the details. We have a few more summer festivals to play too. We have plans to tour Europe this year although details are still under wraps and of course we will be playing festivals next summer. 


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