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Interview With The Pretty Littles

We have a chat with The Pretty Littles about their new single and how to best listen to their music.


You recently released your new single ‘Pride’ via Ditto Music; tell us a little about that track and the recording process.

That song has been kicking around for a really long time. Maybe 2 years odd. Different words and strucutures -  the works. It got benched for the better part of a year too. We knew there was a track in there but we couldn’t quite work it out. Then we thought we had her and on a whim I sent it my mate Tom from The Harlots and he had some more tips on the structure and now she’s bloody there. After all that time!


For those out there who have never heard you before, how would you recommend they first wrap their ears around your music?

Come to a gig ya lazy bastards, it’ll sound a little worse than the CDs but at least you’re at the pub.


Ditto Music caught your gig at the Foundry for BIGSOUND last year, how was that experience for you and how have things changed since then?

That was heaps of fun. We were nervous. We didn’t think anyone would come, but then people filed in and it was a sick show! We also didn’t know how to fill up the day before hand because we didn’t wanna get too pissed. In the end we went to the pub but every now and then would have a long black instead of a beer. Really good approach.

Since then we have started playing stadiums…


You have the single launch for ‘Pride’ at the John Curtain on March 18, what can people expect from the show?

So many things. So much stuff. Expect some extra lights featured and plenty of new songs.


What can we look forward to from The ‘Littles this year?

We got an album that we are all proud of. We’re gonna release that, do a few tours later in the year and then start working on the next one I guess.


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