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Interview With Studios 301

We touched base with the Studios 301 crew to get the lowdown on their studio and discussed our partnership with them as part of the 'I Am Indie' competition.


What are your roles at Studios 301?


Ron - Operations manager. I oversee all the 301 business on a day to day. We have very tight knit team here at 301 so I work closely with our department managers Abbey and Lynley to make sure we are creating an environment for our engineers and clients to do what they do best and be amazing in the studio.

Abbey - Studio and Business Engagement Manager. I manage all of the studio, producer, engineer bookings, and oversee the general running of the studio and it’s facilities. I work closely with the amazing 301 Management team (Ron, Operations Manager) and Lynley (Mastering Manager) to ensure we are creating an awesome studio environment for all staff, clients that step through 301’s doors.


How do you help artists realise their dreams?


Abbey - First and foremost it’s crucial to understand what the artists goal is. Once I have an understanding of what they are working towards, I offer some recommendations for producer / engineer options put together a plan for their project. I also help the artist on their journey through connecting them with film crews for content creation, distribution / marketing / PR companies (such as the fabulous DITTO), any any other key teams that will help them on their path.


What are the biggest challenges you think artists face?


Ron - For me coming from an artist background so experiencing it first hand I would say that knowing all of the steps and pulling everything together is the toughest part. There’s no real one stop shop or one big resource that can guide artists through and say, these are the steps from creative to recording, mastering etc. If the battle for artists to finish material isn’t hard enough, the battle really truly begins when the recording part is over and what they should do from there. I think our job is to really be able to support an alleviate some of these issues. Which is why we are starting to put packages together that do more than just one aspect. And even more than that using the competitions such as I Am Indie to showcase what we can provide and partnering with companies like DITTO to take it even further.

Abbey – Ron, you nailed it! Agree with the above.


What services do you offer and what excites you about your role and working with artists?


Abbey - Our primary offerings are recording, mixing, mastering services but we also help to connect the dots for artists but linking them in with any other service providers on our network. It’s amazing to work with such a broad range of acts from development artists right through to the more established artists. It’s amazing being part of the artists journey, seeing their music go from demo stage right through to release. It’s so cool to be part of the ride with them!


How did 301 get involved in the 'I Am Indie' competition with DITTO?


Basically we asked ourselves the question, what would we want in a prize if we were an independent artist? Outside what we can provide we wanted the means to release and promote music ourselves. That’s where Ditto came in as I feel like the team at Ditto really just have a similar goal to us, “How can we bring artists music alive?” The rest was easy, lets collaborate.


This is your last chance to enter the 'I Am Indie' competition, with entries closing on May 15.

Find out how to enter here!

The Studios 301 team with Ditto's Sarah Hamilton. From left: Lynley, Abbey, Sarah and Ron