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Interview With Mcrobin

Melbourne Alt-Folkster, Mcrobin, is due to release his sophomore EP in November. He recently released his first single of the EP titled 'Concrete Feet', so we thought it best to sit him down for a chat.


'Concrete Feet' is the first single from your upcoming EP 'Shallow Diver'. What can those who haven't listened to your music before expect, and what is the song about?


Well, being the ‘single’ it’s probably the most ‘pop’ sounding song on the new EP. That being said, it still has a lot of the same alt-folk-rock ingredients that the rest of the tunes have. The song is about breaking away from the conventional mould of what growing up ‘should’ look like - embracing the freedom we have to shape our own futures, rather than letting them be shaped by tradition.



Which artists would you love to play with/support on tour?


Locally, I’d love to support Ainslie Wills or Holy Holy. I think they’re both in a league of their own in Australia at the moment. In terms of international artists, it would have to be Tallest Man On Earth or Wilco. They’re both very different, but they’ve both had pretty strong influences on my music making for the past few years.



What is your favourite gig you've ever played and why?


The ‘Concrete Feet’ single launch was an absolute blast. All of the support acts killed it and it was one of our first shows with a keys player so as a band we kind of surprised ourselves and hit a new stride. It was definitely the most responsive crowd we’ve ever played to aswell, which was amazing because they were shooting back just as much energy as we were putting out.



Tell us about the EP - does it have an overall theme or are the songs quite singular?


‘Shallow Diver’ is the my second EP, so my ideas of what I wanted ‘Mcrobin’ to be were much clearer this time round. The songs each have their own story and ideas, but there is an underlying theme of feeling like I have a shallow emotional capacity. Writing the EP helped me gain clarity and perspective about those feelings, (or lack of feelings), which made it a much less daunting thing for me to work through.



What does the rest of 2016 have in store for you?


I’ll be releasing the EP in mid-November and I’ve got a pretty exciting idea in the works for how I want to launch it. I’ve also got a bunch of solo shows around town which is always good because it gives me a chance to try out and develop new song ideas before I take them to the band.


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