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Interview With Jack Biilmann

Playing over 100 live shows in 2015, Jack Biilmann has built up quite the reputation for his incredible live show. He’s about to release a brand new single, so we thought we'd touch base to see how he’s doing and what’s planned for 2016.

You seem to be constantly touring; what’s the best and worst things about being on the road?

Best things: Meeting new people, making new friends (you end up with new ones every new place you go without fail), knowing that your music is reaching audiences that it usually wouldn't and when on tour you learn a lot about life in general and yourself; at times you have to be resourceful outside your comfort zone.

Worst things: Being away from friends and family, the awkward and exhausting travel, and it being way too easy to be hungover a lot.


What can punters expect when they come to one of your shows?

I basically try to be myself really, so after the show I mingle with people that don't know me and they learn I am the same person they saw on stage. I think this is very important to basically be a like-able figure! I hate it when artists have different egos on and off stage. I also try my best to perform the songs with the emotion I wrote them with, so hopefully audiences can take that away. My guitar playing has always been a huge part of my music so I try to showcase the skills I have on stage.


You have a new single out on January 7 called ‘Forever Unbeaten*’, dedicated to fallen cricketer Phillip Hughes. Tell us a bit about the sentiment of the track and what inspired you to write it.

I played representative cricket since I was 12 as a fast bowler and it’s still a major passion in my life. Phillip’s death really rattled me. Being a fast bowler, bowling short I realised that this accident could have happened to anyone playing cricket worldwide, and for it to happen to a player like Phillip in his prime, was just heart breaking. I always write songs about things that move me and I have strong feelings about. This song is no different and I felt it was a nice tribute to a man who was mourned all over the world doing what he loved. Before its release I contacted the family for them to listen and approve and was humbled to receive a call from Phillip's sister Megan showing her gratitude and to discuss the release.


The year has just kicked off, so what better time to ask what you have on the cards for 2016? Any new music in the works? How about another Hottest 100 mash up?

This year is all about writing a heap of new music both in solo acoustic mode and with my new dub/reggae/punk project Jack Biilmann & The Bronze Whalers, touring as much as I can and releasing a duel EP later in the year which includes a disc from both projects. As for the Hottest 100 mash up, I will do my very best to get it done in time. The hardest part is choosing 10 tracks, as I like too many songs!


Jack will be appearing at Ditto's Fed Square Live showcase on Thursday January 7th.