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Interview with... Go Jam Stage at St.Kilda Festival

So Melbourne we are fast approaching one of our favourite summer festivals St.Kilda Fest'. We spoke with Go Jam Audio about their EDM stage in partner with Soundkraft Records - returning for it's third year. This stage is free and always packed out! Want to know who to check out, we'll tell you.


1. Who is Go Jam Audio?

Go Jam Audio are half of Soundkraft Records – Rubal Kharbanda and


2. What response has the Go Jam stage received from the public?

After two successful years of producing the only dance stage at St Kilda Festival, Go Jam Audio have returned with the goods for 2015. We have received a fantastic response from the community as well as council members and are expecting anywhere between 5-10K attendees on Festival Sunday.


3. Tell us a bit about who is playing and who should we keep an eye out for especially?

Djs on Festival Sunday – Jolyon Petch (NZ), Fake Forward (Melbourne based House music duo), Mark Ksas (Mexico), BK Rogers (UAE), DJ Femme (Ministry of Sound), Jason Serini, Teon Jay (Kiss FM), Nathan Olson. Lastly, Go Jam Audio resident Alma Danza will close the stage with a mashup set. Another set to keep your ears prepped for, is live percussion David Dekdrum!


4. What can festival goers expect from this years Go Jam Stage?

This year, Go Jam Stage will be pumping out the best dance music at Australia’s biggest, free dance music stage of the year. 


At the 2014 St Kilda Festival, thousands of dancers celebrated all day in the lush surrounds of Catani Gardens next to St Kilda Pier. After that amazing experience, we return for some more love and a promise to bring you loads more music for your happy feet. There will be hula-hoops, twirls and other performances. Not only that, we also have Disco Yoga from 10 am till noon before we kick off with some serious dancing for the day. So, let's relive the magic moment, for the sun basked palm trees, the fresh sea breeze, beautiful sunset views are waiting just for you. Don't forget to stock up on sunscreen, a hat and head on down to the 'Go Jam' Stage from 10am till 8pm.


5. How can we find out more about a particular act that is playing the Go Jam Stage?

To find out more about the acts, visit and check out our blog.

There you have it! Make sure you check out the Go Jam Stage this year!

(Written By Vader Fame)