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Interview With Forest Falls

Melbourne's Forest Falls take inspiration from classic cinema soundtracks and meld it with folk and pop to create a cinematic soundscape that feels like it's taken straight from a movie.


We caught up with Lucy from the band to discuss what's on for 2016, their favourite soundtracks and what 'Modern Love' means to them.


How did Forest Falls begin?


Lucy: Forest Falls is the end result - one of many evolutions - of a revolving group of musicians playing together for many years. The writing and performing side of things has always felt right; it's an immensely rewarding situation to be in when your core musicians just 'fit' together so well. We're really just a band of three musicians and deep thinkers who make a really good team. The band name came about as a result of our considering the types of visuals the words conjure up, and in an abstract way, the kinds of auditory connotations the words had too. 'Lush', 'rich', 'broad', 'driven'... Forest Falls is a name which worked for our sound and the direction in which we wanted to take it.


Your music is described as Cinematic folk/pop. In the theme of cinema: what is your favourite film score or soundtrack?


Lucy: There's no doubt our latest release is inspired by the very best of 80s-tinged electro like that in Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 film Drive with Ryan Gosling. Cliff Martinez is the master of music, which is as heavy as it is light, as enslaved as it is liberated. We've blended that dark, danceable aesthetic with our indie folk roots to create our newest single, ‘Archipelago Heart’.



Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind ‘Archipelago Heart’ and its accompanying film?


Lucy: Archipelago Heart is the first in a full collection of works by Forest Falls titled ‘Modern Love’ set for release online throughout 2016. The common thread amongst the tracks is an exploration of the simple, powerful idea that modern love knows no boundaries. ‘Archipelago Heart’ is the perfect thematic introduction to our evolved sound and sentiment. It takes a long, hard look at the very simple yet vastly overcomplicated political issue of loving displaced people.

There's an otherworldly quality about the single which really inspires us. The accompanying film was made in collaboration with the incredible artists over at Quiet Giant to reflect the celestial yet familiar tones and motifs within the lyrics and music. It was 'The Overview Effect' which inspired the clip: that shift in perspective that astronauts often report when looking down upon Earth from space. We really are all in this together. Archipelago Heart symbolises a feeling of unfathomable loneliness with the ultimate realisation that unconditional love exists over time and even for eternity. There are a huge number of layers to the clip that further reveal themselves after every watch - it's incredible!


What is Modern Love to you?


Lucy: It's beautiful, nuanced, kind, and knows nothing but strength. It'll outlast everything.


What can we expect from Forest Falls in 2016?


Lucy: We had a blast in 2015 - we supported Husky (Aus), Paper Lions (Can), and performed on Balcony TV Australia, Melbourne's Tram Sessions, and Vulture TV. For Forest Falls, 2016 is a year full of collaborations with incredible local and international artists. Archipelago Heart is the first single to launch from the Modern Love collection; as we continue to release over the course of the year, expect some really exciting opportunities to engage with us and show us what modern love is to you and your friends, lovers, and fellow citizens of the world. The name of the game is #doyoubelieveinmodernlove. 


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