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Interview with...Claws & Organs

Ditto Artists Claws & Organs released their EP ‘I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me’ late last year. Self described as shoe-grunge they’re a three-piece, with a sound that is like a dirty haze with hard hitting drum beats and up-down shreds.
We caught up with Dave from C&O and it went something like this...



  • How would you best describe the Claws & Organs listening experience to someone who hasn't heard your music before?

Bleak, but in an empowering way? Like a funeral for someone you admired, but understood it was their time to go and that you’d learned all you could from them. So I guess like Yoda’s funeral. From the perspective of Luke Skywalker.


  • There is so much positivity about your live set. Do you all put some thought into how you’re going to present yourselves? Or has it just organically evolved? What can someone expect from a live show?

It’s all pretty spontaneous. I personally feel really self-conscious if I’m not moving around a lot because I figure that is pretty boring for a punter and I don’t want people to be bored at our shows. We also try and keep our sets pretty short, to also prevent boredom. So I guess you can expect to not be bored.


  • You got this EP recorded in two days which is really impressive. Do you have any secrets that you can share with Ditto artists?

Rehearse a lot and try and make sure what you want to record has been road-tested live a couple of times at least. That will give the songs a chance to breathe and change around into a stage that is ready to be recorded. This also helps gauge audience interest to see if the song actually sucks.


  • You guys have the EP available for us on vinyl now - what were your thoughts behind doing this as well as digitally distributing?

I really only wanted to get one vinyl pressed so I could listen to it at home once while sitting perfectly still, only moving to flip the record over. Well, not really. Kind of.

To me, having something pressed in vinyl gives a release a bit more legitimacy. St Peppers was pressed onto vinyl, In Utero was pressed onto vinyl. Plus people seem more likely to buy records than crappy CD-Rs at our shows.


  • What had been the best show you’ve played so far and why?

There have been loads. Frankie’s Pizza up in Sydney for our most recent tour was rad. They have a curtain that a dude comes up and pulls back just as you start playing, plus the place was PACKED on a Sunday night. We got to play at Northcote Social Club late last year as well, which was pretty incredible, and that was a Monday night which was also packed out. We have more fun on school nights.


  • We usually get some words of wisdom to share around, so what is one piece of advice you would’ve wanted to hear when it comes to being an independent artist?

Don’t assume your first band is going to be the one. All three of us have jumped around in different bands over time and it’s taken a lot of effort, and sometimes it takes some adjusting to get the perfect band just right. Also, as cheesy as it is, be yourself. People can usually sniff out anything that isn’t genuine a lot easier than you’d expect, and you can’t really put your all into your art if your heart isn’t in it.


  • What’s next for Claws & Organs in 2015?

There are a few opportunities on the cards at the moment, but we will be heading back into the studio very shortly. We’re not sure what it will be just yet, but stay posted. Until then, we have a heap more gigs, which you can find details for on our Facebook page.



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