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Interview With Alexander Biggs

We chat with talented Melbourne singer-songwriter, Alexander Biggs, about his latest single, musical housemates and his recording process.


Your bio says that you have “collaborated with a multitude of local Melbourne artists.” Can you tell us a little about those collaborations? We also hear you live with another Ditto artist, Tali Sing, is he one of these collaborators?

I've been playing music around town for a few years with friends in one form or another. Tali is one of those, yes! I also play with my other roommate in Oscar Galt and the Eventual Somethings, as well as all round good guy Cam in Vinten.


What inspired you to go solo? Does it allow a certain amount of musical freedom?

I've been writing and playing my own stuff for a while but only just recently took the plunge to release things. I guess musical freedom is a way of looking at it! I likes what I likes and writing for me is a very close exploration of things that are going on or, more recently, of sounds that are sonically pleasing.


Your EP is due soon, what can you tell us about the music and the recording process?

The recording process is pretty lonely but I like it that way. It's just me and my humble setup, trying until I get it right. I've learned in more recent times to be more forgiving of myself and understand that there's no such thing as a perfect take. It can get pretty depressing at times. The music is going to be very personal, Lo-fi and stripped back in nature but I'm hoping people can relate and help themselves with it.



Out In The Dark’ is a stunning track that’s melancholy, yet strangely uplifting. What does the song mean to you?

The song is about coming to terms with loss in its broader sense, I think. It's about missing something that you can still hold in your eyes but not in your arms, but ultimately coming to terms with the loss.


What are some of your aims for the rest of 2016?

I'm keen to put the EP out and get some of the old songs out of the closet and then follow up with a live set. I'm slowly working on a broader sonic experience for the live stuff at the moment so hopefully in the next little while I can get it onto the stage.


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