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Interview: Wire Bird

We love finding out about our artists, what drives them and inspires them, and what in happening in their worlds. 


Today we bring to you Melbourne's Wire Bird - who are launching their single 'Always' at Collingwood's Grace Darling Hotel tonight, the 18th of December. 

Grab a copy of 'Always' on iTunes here 


  1. Tell us about your latest single! How did it come about, what are the themes it touches on and what has the reaction been like so far?

Our latest single is ‘Always’, it is one of the earliest songs that we wrote as a group and has evolved with our sound. It is about what is constant and what is temporary and the choices and events that influence them. We’ve had a great reaction to the track so far and are really looking forward to launching it on iTunes on the 18th of December and getting it out globally for more people to check out.

  1. What does 2015 hold for Wire Bird?

Well we still have three more tracks that we have been working on with our producer Kalem Bradborn and will be getting them ready for our debut EP, dropping early next year. We’ve got some festivals, and spots with touring bands to look forward to and also beginning to put the puzzle pieces in place for an east coast tour.

  1. If you could play with any current Australian or international artists, who would they be and why?

It would be really great to play with some of the bands who really got us to make a band and make new music, bands like Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Temper Trap, Art of Sleeping, Jinja Safari and Husky. It would be great to see how they operate behind the scenes and be inspired creatively night after night on tour.  

  1. Who inspires you musically and why?

We are inspired by lots of things that aren’t musical and then our response is often musical, like mistakes we make, things we read or watch, things we feel and all that kind of soppy loveliness. Our sound is really a blend of so many influences and our own organic response so it is hard to say that we hear music that someone else is making and get on board with making the same sound. However we get very inspired when we see live music that moves people and inspires people, no matter the genre or style.

  1. What can people expect at your single launch?

It is going to be a party, you’re all invited, and we might just have a bit of a sneaky collaboration lined up to surprise everyone, well not too much of a surprise for anyone reading this. Great bands, very good looking and kind people, fairy lights and the first chance for people to grab our new single ‘Always’ (beautifully presented ready for Christmas).