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Interview: The Workers Club Opens Up In Geelong

The Workers Club - Now opening up a second location on Little Mallop St in Geelong. Is set to be a valuable asset to live music, musicians, music lovers and possibly any other creatives in the area. Ditto Music spoke with Steven Nichols (co-owner) to talk location, talent and vision for the venue and the community.


Steven Nichols (Spinning Half) and John O'Brien (The Workers Club)


The Workers Club opened its doors this March -  With an ever present and flourishing music community, APRA revealed that the Geelong region have "the highest percentage growth of royalty-earning songwriters in Australia in almost 10 years". So it makes sense that friends and industry champions Steven Nichols and John O'Brien, have teamed up to bring a multi purposed live music venue to the area.


This joint venture means The Workers Club is expanding its brand alongside Spinning HalfNichols' Geelong based music business and booking agency.The new venue looks to be a valuable and accomodating asset to the local music community, with a vision to support local music as best as they can. We spoke to Stephen recently about what this new music hot spot means for artists. 


Looking to bend the standard of regional venues. The Workers Club Geelong will incorporate Melbourne City tecniques and expertise to best service the local community. Aspiring to grow the venue into a home where musicians can harness their talents and share their music.


 Having worked with different venues in the past. There were varying limitations that come with running a venue or holidng a show. For example, the venue might be perfect for your music, yet might not allow for your vision and ideas. With a main goal of “trying to have live music as many nights of the week as possible”, and being able to utilise the space to best suit others. Stephen says he and John are looking forward to having ‘control and consistency’, allowing them to work with the community and the space. 


Stephen expressed they have an open mind when it comes to booking shows. While music is the principle focus with the view to attract touring bands and international acts. They are open with the space and would like to see everything from “a local metal band with an EP launch, a high calibre touring act, an early Sunday sit down dinner and a show to maybe hosting art installations and exhibitions”.


It was clear that they both want to be involved with making every gig an event! Helping the artist/s make their show as successful as possible. Whether that success is measured by being able to fill out the room for an important launch, to book local bands for international tour support slots or host a wedding (yes, you read that right - they are already in the wedding game!)


The vision and focus for The Workers Club Geelong is community oriented and is positive for local artists. Two Workers Club venues allows for the possibility to play in both regional and metro areas. Bridging the gap between the two can be a great move for some artists!


Be sure to keep an eye out for events at The Workers Club Geelong and maybe we'll see you there!

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Written By Vader Fame