08 Dec 2017

Independent. Transparent. Simple.


We’re excited to reveal some big changes to our service, designed to make distribution cheaper and fairer for musicians like you.


After a lot of careful thought, planning and time spent pouring over the data, we are proud to announce a better and cheaper music distribution platform.

So, from now on we’re offering unlimited distribution to everyone and the price artists pay will be based on the number of artists on their account instead of releases.

ditto-pricing-usa copy

View all our new prices & subscription plans here.


"We're delighted to launch our new, fairer model for music distribution. From now on the average musician or band will pay considerably less to release their own music with Ditto, leaving them with more money to spend on funding & advancing their music career."

Lee Parsons, Ditto CEO


You'll notice that we've also made some improvements to our website, to give our artists an even better experience every time they visit us. 

We haven’t changed any of the other great reasons to release your music through Ditto. You’ll still keep 100% of everything you earn in royalties, be able to get in touch with our expert support team and have access sales-boosting tools used major labels as well as playlisting opportunities. 



Creating a fairer music industry and supporting independent musicians is central to everything we do at Ditto Music. These latest changes to our pricing and subscription plans are yet another step towards that goal.


Thanks for being part of Ditto Music.