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How to write a Song | 10 Tips On How To Boost Your Creative Side When Writing Songs

It can be challenging to think of creative lyrics when writing a song. While many musicians find inspiration from a variety of sources, it can be difficult to find entrancing lyrics that can help a musician sell music. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to boost your creative side when writing songs.

1. What Are You Passionate About?

Many musicians in the past have found inspiration through passion about an issue that is dear to them. This can include a love interest, the environment, wealth and more. Many modern rap artists and digital music artists have themes that revolve around sex, money and drug use. Western or country songs often have a plaintive theme that revolves around the loss of youth, love, money and family. It's essential to be passionate about something in life. Without passion, everyday life can become dull and uninteresting, and this insipid and bland lifestyle can seep into your lyrics. When you sell music online, don't send people to sleep. 




2. Tune Into Your Emotions

When writing songs, it's important to make sure that the lyrics have a powerful emotional impact. One of the best ways to make sure a song has such an impact is by writing lyrics with passion and authenticity. You need to believe in your lyrics; don't just make up an emotional state. If you really are feeling what you're writing about, it will be transparent in your lyrics. 


3. Do Something Crazy 

Few people ever hear a truly great song that was written by an accountant or a dentist. While these are great career choices, many musicians lead colourful lives that serve as an inspiration for their lyrics. Let your hair down, think outside of the box and do something different. Chances are you will gain new inspiration from it. 

4. Take a break 

It's easy to get caught up in the moment when you're trying to write a song. If you feel stumped and find yourself staring at the page, strumming your guitar mindlessly, chances are you won't write anything else. Don't try and force it, because the resulting lyrics will sound forced as well. Take a break, even if it's just for a few minutes. The important thing is to do something completely different and unrelated, so that when you come back to your writing, you feel refreshed. 

5. Leave The House

There are many activities that can help you find inspiration for song lyrics. Instead of thinking up new lyrics in your home, try going for a hike outdoors. Many people can find inspiration when close to nature. Try going on a roadtrip with some friends. For people who enjoy traveling, a vacation to a remote part of the world can be an incredible source of inspiration. Being exposed to new cultures, languages and foods can be a great way to whet your creative appetite.


6. Use Bad Experiences To Your Advantage

Lyrics sometimes come from a darker place. Many people write songs about the death of a loved one or family member. Mortality can be a sobering subject but can help a lyric writer find a potential subject for his or her song. Bad relationships, breakups and bad news can all be turned into great songs; put your grief on paper, and you'll have genuine, heartfelt lyrics that people will most likely be able to relate to. 

7. Collaborate

In some cases, one of the best ways to find inspiration for a song is through collaboration with a friend or band member. Many people can write a song in collaboration with another person. A great way to do this is by having each person in a band write a different line in a song. Since everyone can add his or her viewpoint to a song, this can be a good way to create a unique song. While it will probably need heavy editing to become cohesive, this can be an effective starting point when writing song lyrics.

8. Use A Hat

Some people also like to choose song lyrics by pulling them out of a hat. With some friends, write down a series of words that would sound good in a song. Pull out two or three words at a time. If they work well together, try to incorporate them into one line in a song.


9. Read

Take the time to read. A lot. Read other lyrics, read books, newspapers, blogs, articles, anything. Not only will it give you inspiration for subjects to write about, but it can subconsciously expand your vocabulary as well. You'll have a bigger pool of words to use, and more ways to use them as well.


10. Be Prepared

Ever tried to remember that funny thing your friend said in the the bar last night? There are lots of potentially great lyrics being thrown into the universe each day. Make sure you are prepared by taking a pad with you, or writing them down on a phone, for example. Good lyric writers are always looking for that classic line, and it's often closer than you think.

Writing a song can be challenging for many people. While inspiration can be elusive, there are many ways to boost your creative side.



How Do You Come Up With New Lyrics? Let Us Know Your Tips For Writing A Classic!