08 Dec 2016

How To Use Pinterest | 11 Tips For Musicians


Whether you are already using Pinterest or just setting up an account, there is no denying that there is huge potential to promote your music and get new fans. Here are 11 tips that you can implement right now, to make the most of this often untapped promotional platform.

Pinterest for musicians

Promote music on Pinterest: 11 tips for musicians

1. Don’t Put Up A Page and Walk Away
The more interesting your 'pins' (updates/posts) are the more likely they are going to get repinned (reposted/shared). You aren’t going to build followers just by being there so start embracing the community and you will get followers. Early adopters of new sites will always get better results. So start now.
2. Have Weekly, If Not Daily Updates
Do not just post when you have gigs/ band related news. People’s interest levels drop quickly. If you really want to capture their imagination post daily when you are starting out, daily posts work great. If you can’t do daily, make sure you are doing weekly posts.
3. Follow Early Adopters
The early adopters usually implement the best foundations and are first to accelerate their pages with new techniques. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from them but make sure you give them credit or contact them just to say you love their ideas and are thinking of expanding on them.
4.Who Is Your Audience?
Who are you aiming your contact to and how can you find potential fans? Check out the pinterest forums and find out what music people are into and start following people who like similar music to yours.
5. Allow Your Community To Pin
Let your followers add pins (comments) to your boards (profile pages). Interaction helps virality and will help with your SEO efforts.
6. Create Back-links To Your Website
Pinterest has a high page ranking on google so 'backlinking' your site is a great way of bumping up the google search. Remember to put the search term you want to attract rather than your website name. For example, 'great new music' would be a link to your website, not the band name
7. Do Not Over Promote.
People will see your music links so don’t feel you need to over do it with your promotion. We want to make relationships, not spam people.
8. Link Your Social Media
Keep everyone updated with your pinterest activity by broadcasting your updates on your other social media outlets. This will encourage people to follow you and start using the site, gaining you more followers.
9. Have Themed Days Or Week
Have a weekly or daily theme. For example a “red day” where everything you post is red. You have to keep thinking of ideas to captivate peoples interest. Concentrate on making it fun and think outside of the box.
10. Use The Boards Creatively

You can use the boards for anything. Posts between the band about new instruments. Photos from venues you want to play. There are no limits and its practically effortless. So have fun with it. And that brings us to our next poits
11. Have Fun
Don’t take it too seriously. People will repost things that are fun, have some personality behind your board and remember that overall you just want good solid content.
If you have any questions on Pinterest feel free to post below.
Lee Parsons