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How to Start a Record Label with Ditto Music

So your band has finally put together a great sounding record, and you want to release for all the world to hear. However, while shopping record labels, you discover that you would be giving up a percentage of control and artistic vision by signing on the dotted line. So why not start your own label? Musicians are realizing more and more every day that they can control 100% of their music and vision by creating their own record label. Setting up the record label is actually easier than one might think.

Creating a label through Ditto Music is easy. As you are processing your release, you will come to STEP 3: Label selection. Click the "Create Your Own Label" option, and follow the steps. It will ask you for your label's contact information, such as label name, owner's name, and contact information. There is the option to add your label's website, Facebook and Twitter information and logo as well. If you don't have any of these just yet, don't worry, you can always add them later.

As the label owner through Ditto Music, you own all of your content, and all of your material. Ditto does not own a single piece of it. What Ditto DOES do is help you setup your name, and will mentor you through all the business practices, such as promotion and contracts needed for your business. Ditto even provides you with a sample of documents that you can use to develop your own contracts and plans, ideal for the independent artist just starting out. We have a wide range of tools and services for career development, and handle the administrative side of the process. Basically, Ditto is your mentor for your brand new independent record label, at a time when independent labels need it most.

Major record labels usually take most of your artistic rights, but Ditto lets you keep 100% of your rights and royalties. Owning your own record label has never been simpler to start, and easier to run with the help of Ditto Music.