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How To Solve Any Music Business Problem

A Guest blog by Wes Davenport (@WesDavenport)

The music industry is a tricky business. There are plenty of career hurdles that lack easy, clear answers. Countless musicians get lost in the woods searching for answers, and many never find the formula for success. No music success story is the same, after all.

But you're dedicating your life to music, and you're not going to quit without a fight. Good! That's the attitude you'll need. I'm not going to hold your hand and lead you down the path to prosperity, though. I will give you a big, sharp machete to clear your own way.

There really is one method to solve any any music business problem. Break intricate problems down to their core issues by forming a task tree.

A task tree is a path leading from idealized goals to actionable solutions. They start with an overarching objective that is solved by identifying more manageable and measurable tasks.

That not sexy enough for you? It sounds simple, but the vast majority of people are too lazy or scared to take a hard, honest look at their problems.

Let's tackle a common issue: you need more fans. How do you get them?

Brace your eyeballs, because I'm about to sketch it out for you.

As you can see, you need to do quite a few things to get fans. That's only a partial tree of getting fans online. It doesn't even delve into the ways to attract them in person and at performances. That's a whole other task tree for yo to tackle.

If you tie goals to tasks, you now have what 90% of musicians don't: a detailed plan.

Now whenever you feel lost amid the turbulence of the music business, you have a weapon to carve a clear path. Define measurable goals. Identify barriers. Then create actionable solutions to get around them.