06 Jul 2016

How to set up your free Google Artist Page


You can now put your music in front of millions of potential fans by creating your own Google Artist Page on Google Play. If you already have music live on Google Play, setting up your personalized artist page is completely free.


A Google Artist Page offers musicians and managers the ability to personalise their profile with artwork, artist bios, music and more, the perfect way to establish their image and reach music fans across the globe on one of the world’s most popular music platforms.


How to create your Google Artist Page


1. Make sure your music is live on Google Play.

If you try to set up your Google Artist Page before your music is available on the platform, you will be charged $25. You can find out more about getting your music on Google Play here.


2. Head to the Google Play Artist Hub.

Go to the Google Play Artist Hub and sign in with the Google Account you would like to be connected to your artist page.


3.Read the overview and continue to search for your artist name.

Once you find your artist name, hit the Select button beside it to confirm who you are.


Create your Google Artist Page

Enter your artist name and confirm your identity


4. Verify your identity.

You may also need to provide a verification code to authenticate your identity. You can request a code here.


5. Verify your card information.

After accepting all of the terms of service and agreements, you’ll need to provide your credit card details using Google Checkout. This is required to further confirm your identity, and you won’t be charged as long as you have followed the process correctly.


Once you’ve completed all of these steps you’ll enjoy instant access to your Google Artist Page, where you can start editing your profile, including updating your artist bio and image.



Updating your artist image and bio on Google Play


1. You'll be prompted to create your artist bio when you first set up your Google Artist Page.

However, if you'd like to make further edits down the line, simply head the Artists & Music tab and click Edit Artist Info. Google asks artists to focus exclusively on their music career in their artist bio and avoid swearing, political views or offering information relating only to a single release.


2. You'll also be able to upload an image in the Edit Artist Info section of your hub. 

Google Play has a number of image preferences that you'll need to adhere to:

- Use a 2:1 aspect ratio with a minimum size of 2160 x 1080 pixels (4320 x 2160 is ideal)
- Your image should display the artist from the torso upwards if possible
- Use a neutral or solid background and avoid text overlay or watermarks
- Only upload photos for artists you are responsible for


After completing your profile information in the Google Artist Hub, your artist information and images will appear on your Google Artist Page and you'll be ready to reach new fans on Google Play.