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How to Sell Your Music on Google Play via Ditto Music

10 Things Bands Should Know About Google Play

Google Play. You've heard about it, you need to know more, and you're wondering how it will help your band.

We'll tell you the top 10 things you really should know, so you can get on board and understand how this monstrous company can help earn your band money.


1. How does it work?

Google play includes music, apps, movies, games. The music component is Play Music. Basically, customers can access everything they purchase, on any device. No syncing, no fuss. Customers have a huge cloud storage unit for their music and movie libraries. This means that if you purchase a song on your phone, it will automatically appear on your laptop.

Play Music has a digital download service (a la carte, similar to the iTunes store) and a streaming service called Google Play All Access (similar to Spotify).

2. How do I get my music onto Google Play?

Ditto Music has a partnership deal with Google Play, so we can distribute your music there easily. Just add 'Google Play' as a store for your release if you're signing up a new album, or if you'd like to make your old albums available on Google Play, simply login, and add the store to your release. Simple.

3. How much will I make from Google Play?

A la carte service - in USD - a single will be $0.70, and an album will be $0.70 x the number of tracks on that album. There is a maximum payout of $7.00 per album however.

Streaming service - this is a revenue per month royalty share arrangement. So, depending on the number of subscribers, your payout will rise and fall.

4. Which countries have access to Google Play/Where will my music be sold?

A La Carte Service:
- Australia
- Austria
- Belgium
- France
- Germany
- Ireland
- Italy
- Luxeburg
- New Zealand
- Portugal
- Spain
- United Kingdom
United States

Streaming Service:

- Australia
- New Zealand
- United States

5. Can non-Android users get access to Google Play?

Yes! Everyone can use Google Play, including non-android users. No one is excluded.

6. How long will it take to go live on the store?

Usual time frames is 7 - 10 business days.

7. What is Google Play Could Locker and how does it help my band?

This is cool. If your music is bought from the Google Play store, and then a customer 'matches' it (i.e. it goes to their mobile device also) then you receive a royalty when this occurs. This means you can make money more than once from a sale.

8. Can I set a date for my release to go live on the store?

Definitely. Just put your 'release date' as the date you'd like it to go live, this is saved in the metadata, and the release will go live on the store on that particular date.

9. Is there a recommendation component so my band can be discovered?

Sure is. This is a part of the service, so customers will have music tailored to their tastes. This means that if you sound like a popular band that a customer likes, you could then be recommended to that customer, and they could discover your music as a result.

10. Can I set up a Google Play profile page?

Yes you can! And you should!

Here's how:

1. Go to (one of your releases must already be live or you will be charged a $25 fee)
2. Sign in with your google account to which you'd like the artist page associated
3. Search for the artist name, and then click the 'select' button
4. Provide the verification code to verify your identity. (Here's where you can go to request a verification code:
5. Accept all agreements and terms of service
6. You will be asked to submit your credit card details. You won't be charged any money at this point (unless you don't have a release live yet) but this protects against artist impersonation.
7. Once this verification process is complete, you have access to your artist page.