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How to Market & Selling Your Music Online

Creating a quality product takes a skilled artisan. When creating beats, the artist must be in harmony with the streets, able to determine the flow of the people and trigger a beat that moves them. In an industry that thrives on the life force and power of the masses, the key to success, is selling beats to those masses. Many producers already know that the best way to do that is to sell beats online, making them available for digital download. While purchasing beats online for digital download grows easier all the time, selling them online does not.

Independent artists looking to sell beats already know who the key players in the digital music industry are; ITunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Rhapsody are the leaders in digital download sales. Companies like iTunes have requirements an artist or producer must fulfill before being able to sell beats online with them. Obstacles like album requirements, UPC codes, and product labels can slow and often end a producer or rapper’s opportunity to sell beats.

Fortunately, there is a way to sell beats online without having to meet all those requirements. A distributor is an extremely powerful weapon in any producer or rapper’s arsenal. Distribution is how music gets to the masses. Choosing the right distributor is a key role in the success of ace content. While the primary purpose is to sell your beats, a distributor should do more.
Ditto Music is a digital distribution company that does a lot more. The founders of Ditto Music are former musicians that were unable to get their music to the masses themselves, and ensure this does not happen to their clients. Service at Ditto Music is available in custom money saving career boosting packages, or individually on a stack the deck basis. Their variation in services and packages allow Ditto Music to sell your beats to leading retailers quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Rappers that sell beats through Ditto Music keep 100% rights to their beats and retain 100% of sales royalties. With low rates, varied services, and customizable packages, Ditto Music enables artists to maximize exposure with minimal upfront cost. They have award winning customer service available for questions and advice. Ditto Music does not just distribute music; they develop music. They distribute the beats to leading retailers quickly. Ditto Music uses established relationships with the leading digital music retailers to get the beats airtime, and they promote the beats by getting TV spots, advertisements and other deals. Ditto Music has released numerous top 40 singles, all from unsigned artists. Ditto Music is the obvious choice for selling beats to top name retailers like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Rhapsody.