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How to Make the Most Out of Ditto

As a member of Ditto, or a prospective member, you probably know about what we do.

BUT, we are going to now give you the inside tips on how to make the most out of your release. Straight from the horses (well a Ditto employee's) mouth.

If you need a release up on iTunes in 24 - 48 hours, we can do this. However, if you want to be super organised, and make the most out of your online release, here's a week-by-week guide, from us.

We also distribute music videos, and have a direct relationship with Vevo, which we'll outline in a future post, and how you can get the most from your music video release.

Today however, we'll start with a good old fashioned (not really) digital music album.

Here is a week-by-week account of what we have seen works best:

6 weeks from launch:

Gather the following:

- mp3, .wav or .aiff files of your mastered tracks
- cover art for your release
- if you are obtaining UPC barcodes or ISRC codes, get these ready (if you don't have them we can provide them for free)

Research what services might be helpful for your band. Which stores would you like to select? Do you want to start a record label with us? Would you like a QR code or SMS keyword for your launch night?

Check it all out here and pick and choose what is right for you.

5 weeks from launch:

Upload everything to Ditto's system, including any additional services. Select all of the stores you would like.

N.B. When entering metadata in our system, BE CAREFUL. Any mistake you make, will go live on the stores.

Select 'pre-release' with iTunes to go live a month before the release date for all other stores
send through the following things to

- high res press shot of your band
- social media links
- any press or media clippings or reviews
- any special tour information/sync deals - basically anything that will help your case
- mp3 or link to youtube/soundcloud of the track you'd like to submit for a feature.
- the stores that you'd like to be submitted to for a feature

4 weeks from launch:

- start promoting your pre-release via social media

3 weeks from launch:

- continual promotion of pre-release, start promotion of launch date on other stores

2 weeks from launch:

- check in on your ditto account and make sure your release is in the 'active releases' component, and that it is being processed correctly.
- If you'd like to check on your release, feel free to send us a support request. Quote your ditto username (email address you use to login), the name of your band, release, and UPC barcode if possible. We can check it is processing correctly for you.

1 week from launch:

- start really going for it with your social media promotion. Get vlogging, playing, get some blogs interested in your music, ensure all of your extra services are organised and ready to go.

Launch week:

It's live! Make sure you check the outlets to find your release. We aren't notified by the outlets, so you need to be proactive and check that your release is available. Create links and hook them up to your social media, website etc.

Here's a handy tool:

Let the world know they can buy your music, and where it's at.