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How To Interpret Sales Data and 4 Ways To Use It

When you sell your music online through Ditto Music most artists opt for the most stores possible to get more exposure for their music. Now let's show you how to view the detailed sales data we give you and what you can use it for.
To have a look at the sales information for any of your releases, click on the Sales tab in your dashboard.
You will see each release displayed with a figure next to it. This figure indicates the total amount of royalties the track and full product sales of each release has accumulated. At the top left you will be able to adjust the date to see monthly breakdowns.
If you click on a release you will be able see a track-by-track breakdown of your sales data. The figure at the top next to the barcode indicates the total amount of full product sales (i.e. album sales), whilst the figure next to the songs is individual track sales.
To see more detailed sales information, click on the track titles. Here you will be able to see which platforms and territories your sales were made.
Keep in mind that streams on platforms such as Spotify, WE7 and IHeartRadio are listed as a Unit sale, so don’t be shocked if you see that 100 unit sales has only generated a small amount of royalties. Always make sure you click on the track to see what platform your sales were generated.
It's that simple!
What Do I Do With This Data?
1) Once you know which tracks are selling better in certain countries you can promote directly to that market.
2) Make sure you are registered for the charts in the countries in which you are selling well.
3) Decide your next single release
4) Plan your tour