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How to Hide Tracks off your Album on Spotify

Spotify is an excellent tool to promote your music. By placing your album on this streaming platform your fans will be able to listen to your material without the need to purchase, which is a great way to spread your music, gather new fans and encourage people to go crazy about your band.

However we get asked here at Ditto Music if an artist can distribute their album to Spotify without all the tracks being available. The reason for this is that an artist can have a sample few tracks off their album available on Spotify but limit complete viewing which will encourage people to try and then go on to purchase the whole album. Furthermore if there is a new single coming off an already released album you can use the same track it block that track so people can still stream your music without it deterring from pushing for record sales.
The example below is Lady GaGa's - Born this Way. You can see some tracks are purple and only available to Premium Spotify users. This is something we can't off yet, but by following the below instructions your could have your album displayed like that with tracks not being available to stream.
So how do I get my release to display like this:
- Simply set the tracks to 'not available separately'
By doing this it will limit the tracks ability to be streamed. Also if you wish to have the album on sale complete available then do your metadata as normal and we will be able to action a metadata update for your Spotify distribution only.
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