12 Jan 2017

How to Get Your Music Featured on iTunes Front Page


iTunes is still the kingpin when it comes to music downloads, and despite competition from the likes of Spotify and other streaming platforms, it remains one of the world’s largest music retailers. With millions of users all over the globe, iTunes’ front pages are the perfect place to reach legions of new fans for free. But how can independent artists get their music featured?



Ditto band Tinpan Orange were featured on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter front page



Despite the myth that only major label artists can get this coveted promotional placement, in reality, any track distributed independently through Ditto Music can be considered for placement.

There’s no guarantee of a front page iTunes placement, especially if you’re unsigned, but here are some tips to boost your chances of being featured.


How to get music featured on iTunes


Plan your release carefully

The folks at iTunes tend to choose featured artists weeks in advance of their placement, so it’s important to select a release date around three to four weeks after you upload your music. This way, you’ll have lots of time to promote it and rack up the pre-order sales you’ll need for iTunes to take notice (find out more about iTunes pre-order below!). 

You’ll also want to make sure your music is easy to find. Do you have clear links to your tracks from your website and social media pages? If fans can’t find your track, there’s no chance of selling enough to make an impact.



Make the most of sales-boosting tools

When you distribute your music through Ditto, you can add optional extras including iTunes Pre-order and SMS keywords. All your pre-order sales are included in your release day total, and can help to boost your iTunes chart position. So take advantage of these additional tools to increase your sales, and create more hype around your release before your track's even available to the masses.


Set up iTunes Pre-order on your tracks and start selling music before your release date



Get high-quality recordings

As obvious as it may sound, in the end it’s all about the music! It doesn’t matter how awesome your song sounds live, if you don’t have a professional recording to grab the attention of listeners, your track will never make the iTunes front page.

It might be costly, but a professional recording can make or break your chances of success, so hire a producer, get into the studio and make sure your tracks sound their best.



Create hype around your music

How realistic it is that you’d get onto the front page of iTunes right now? There has to be some kind of a buzz around your music to be in with a chance of a front page feature. iTunes don’t care if you’re the greatest band in the world, they need a genuine reason to put you on their front page.

A PR and social media campaign or a successful tour are great ways to create more hype, reach more fans, and get enough people downloading your music for iTunes to take you seriously. Alternatively, TV or movie sync deals can provide a huge boost for any release, so these options are well worth looking into.


Press coverage is a sure-fire way to create hype around your next release 



Albums over singles

When it comes to front page features, iTunes tends to choose albums over singles. That’s not to say singles aren’t an important part of a release strategy too, as they can help to give you a solid iTunes sales history to strengthen your chances of hitting the front page. iTunes also features separate singles charts for various genres, which can help you build your reputation and reach.



Consider the competition

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of artists and bands vying for the iTunes front page at any given time, so it’s always worth considering the competition. Are there a number of big-selling, major label artists releasing their music at the same time as you? If so, this will likely put a dent in your chances of being featured. 



At Ditto Music, we try to get iTunes front page features for as many of our most promising artists as possible. If you distribute your music through Ditto and follow these tips, you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving the sales you need to get your release onto the front page of iTunes.



Don’t forget to share these tips, or let us know if you have any questions about being featured by iTunes.