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How to get verified on Spotify in 3 easy steps

Getting a blue tick next your name with Spotify artist verification is a great way to boost your credibility on the world's most popular streaming platform. It's something we're often asked about, so here’s how to get verified on Spotify in 3 simple steps.

How to get verified on Spotify


As long as your music is live on Spotify, you can easily apply for verification. If you're a musician, but haven’t uploaded your music to the platform yet, you can find out how to get your music on Spotify here. Otherwise, just follow these simple steps to get your artist page verified on the world’s biggest music streaming service:


How to get verified on Spotify


1. Make sure you have at least 250 followers

 Spotify will only verify artists with 250 followers or more. There are several ways to help increase your Spotify followers, including sharing your tracks on social media and blogs, following other artists in the hope of a follow-back, or getting your music featured on popular playlists by reaching out to playlist curators. In fact, you can submit your music for the chance to be included on the Ditto Music Spotify playlists right now.


2. Complete the Spotify verification form

 To get verified on Spotify, you’ll need to submit a verification form. The form asks for information about you and your music, including your artist name, a link to your page and your email address.


How to get verified on Spotify


You’ll also need to link your verified artist page with an active Spotify account. You can either use your personal account, or create a new one specifically for this purpose. Either way, the verification form requires you to submit a link to the account you’d like to merge with your artist page. You’ll find this link by clicking on the three dots under your name and hitting ‘copy Spotify URL’.


3. Sit back and wait to get verified on Spotify

Once you’ve submitted the form, getting verified on Spotify can take up to 4 weeks, so you’ll have to be patient! But once you’re verified, you’ll get access to a number of great new benefits.



What are the benefits of Spotify verification?


  • The famous blue tick next to your artist name
  • The power to generate and submit artist playlists
  • The chance to customise playlists with pictures and bios.
  • The automatic transfer of followers from your original Spotify account to your artist page


Besides artists, can other users get verified on Spotify?


It is possible to get verified on Spotify even if you aren’t an artist. The platform has different verification forms for record labels, brands and music blogs. Labels can apply for verification here, while brands and blogs can apply here.



We’ve had lots of enquiries about how to get verified on Spotify here at Ditto Music, so hopefully this guide offers a helpful insight into how to get a blue tick on your artist profile.


Have you been verified on Spotify? Did you find this blog useful? Let us know and help out other musicians like you by sharing any tips and tricks with us the comments below!