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How To Get My Music Played On The Radio

Doug Walker managed to get a top 40 hit and a £1.5 Million record deal by convincing just one BBC DJ to play his song on the radio.
Doug Said. “The worst part of trying to get onto radio is not having a clue where to start. I spent a long time approaching things the wrong way.” So how do you get your song on the radio?

Vic Galloway is a BBC radio DJ and TV presenter and In this 5 minute interview he tells you.

How to package your music correctly so that he sees it

If you are sending mp3's then via email then they are not going to be opened. If you send music through the post then its going into a pretty large pile. So how do you get your music to a radio DJ?

How can DJ's find my music?

All DJ's are on the lookout for new material to play on the radio. How can you position yourself so that they find you?

How you to HIS contact details

You can contact Vic directly and get your music on his BBC radio show

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Listen to Vic's show on BBC Radio Scotland every Monday at 20:05