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How to Get My Music on iTunes With DittoMusic

Looking to get your music on iTunes with DittoMusic? Here are some pointers

The internet has completely changed the face of the music business. Consumers have come to expect the convenience and affordability of internet-based music services, and Apple's iTunes Store reigns as king in the industry. iTunes has delivered over 16 billion songs via their download service making them the largest <i>overall</i> music vendor in the United States for the past four years. With these numbers, it's obvious that iTunes represents an extremely important opportunity for artists and labels to release and market their music to a wide audience, and many major labels and famous artists have flocked to the service in droves.

Independent bands and artists may be left scratching their heads, asking questions like "how do I sell my music online?" and wondering how to can get their music on iTunes. This is where DittoMusic comes in. In addition to a wide variety of invaluable services for bands and artists, DittoMusic offers an extensive online distribution package which can get your music in over 200+ stores worldwide, including iTunes, quickly and affordably.How does it work?

Getting your music on iTunes with DittoMusic is an easy process. After subscribing to the service and selecting your distribution options, you simply submit your music in .mp3, .wav, or .m4a format. From here, DittoMusic takes over the process to sell your music online quickly and easily. DittoMusic employs a team of specialists to look over every submission and make sure that there are no errors of any sort. They then provide unique, registered ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) codes for your music which gives your release its own special place in music history and are used to identify your music worldwide.

After receiving your music, processing it, and making sure it's good to go, DittoMusic uses its extensive network of vendors to sell your music online on the sites that you choose, including iTunes. Within a relatively short period of time, your release will be available to the world over the internet and fans everywhere can start buying your music and putting royalty money in YOUR pocket!

The very best part about DittoMusic's distribution service is that they take <i>absolutely no commission</i>; you receive 100% of the royalties that your music earns from iTunes or anywhere else that they sell your music online. These commissions vary depending on the specific online store and country that the sale is made in, but no matter what, you <i>get it all!</i> DittoMusic's unique business model and other services offered allow them to charge absolutely no commission when they sell your music online.

Once your music is released to the masses, DittoMusic continues to make your musical life easier by keeping track of all the sales data from your releases and making it available to you as soon as they receive it. When your royalties begin to accumulate, you can request a pay-out at absolutely any time. DittoMusic will send you your hard earned royalties through PayPal or bank transfer.

If you're an independent musician you've probably thought to yourself, "I need to sell my music online," but wondered if it was even possible for an independent artist to get music on iTunes without the backing of a major label. DittoMusic makes it easy to sell your music online by making the online distribution process simple and affordable.