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How To Get My Music On Google Music

Google have launched their new music store called 'Google Music' which you can now sell your music on. It's similar to iTunes, Amazon and other retailers as it is a cloud storage service with a digital download store - but there's a twist.

How To Get My Music On Google Music

Google Music is integrated into 200 Million mobile/cell phones worldwide, accounting for 52.5% of the smartphones in the world. More than half of the world will soon have access to your music (it's US-only right now). So if you sell your music online and want to sell on Google Music to promote your music even more, Ditto Music are here to help. Google also launched the 'Artist Hub' which we talk about and compare here.

Ditto Music began delivering content to Google Music weeks ago and the store is available right now.

Click below to add your music to add sell your music on Google Music. If you are already with Ditto Music, head over to our Facebook page and if we get 500 likes on our second post we will add ALL Ditto Music artists EVER to Google Music for free.

Sell My Music On Google Music