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How To Get My Music Blog On Amazon Kindle

This is Lee Parsons, founder of Ditto Music.
This week I want to help you look like a blogging expert, even if you aren’t.
I am going to show you 7 steps to setting your music blog up on Amazon Kindle.
Uploading your blog to the Kindle Marketplace is completely free. You will need to have an RSS feed set up. If you don't have one, here is a tutorial on how to make an RSS feed. Or you can use this free tool to set one up.
Here is how to set up your blog on Amazon Kindle
1. Head over to
2. There is a form to fill out and you will need a screenshot, title and a few other references to your blog.
3. Wait For The Kindle Team To Review Your Blog. This can be in just a few days
4. Promote Your Kindle Blog Your fans and friends will be impressed with your new
blogging status so publicise it everywhere you can and link from your social media.
5. Get Rich. Well kinda. Kindle assigns a subscription to your blog and you get paid
but you are talking pence rather than pounds.
6. How Much Do I Earn? Amazon pay you around 70% of your subscription income.
Subscriptions are either $0.99 or $1.99 each.

The Kindle team will review your blog and let you know when it’s available on Kindle. Its as Easy as that!