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How To Get Featured On Our Spotify Playlist

Every week we release a playlist on Spotify made up of 20 tracks that have been tickling the ears of the staff in the Ditto Office. It features a combination of Ditto Music artists/bands alongside our pick of the latest emerging artists that we listen to day to day. Check out this weeks below, it's a corker. If you like it then please subscribe.

We try to listen to and feature as many releases that come through the system as we can, but we can't listen to them all. So we want you to send us your Spotify links so we can streamline the process. We will then try and feature as many of your tracks as possible.

To get featured on our Spotify playlist follow these steps;

1. Distribute or upgrade your release to Spotify with Ditto Music.
2. Subscribe to our Spotify playlist list by clicking HERE and clicking 'subscribe' at the top of the screen.
3. Email your release's Spotify link & Twitter username (so we can let you know when it's featured) to us HERE. We'll take care of the rest.