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How To Get A Spotify 'Listen' Button On Your Facebook Page

We are frequently asked how artists can get the Spotify 'Listen' button on their band or artist Facebook Pages. This is something that could really help you retain fans who interact with your page, they will be able to listen to your entire catalogue on Spotify with just the click of a button. Here is how you can go about getting yourself the the music feature.


Facebook say they require Pages applying for the button to have at least 5000 'Likes' on the page. However, there have been cases where this rule has been bent. So there is no guarantee you will get the 'Listen' button if you have under 5000 likes, but it's worth trying anyway, right? They also require that you are the official representative of the band or artist, which will most likely be the case, so don't ask your mate Terry to submit it on your behalf. They also require that you have music already on Spotify...obviously.

So, meet that criteria? Then follow these steps:

Apply for the button

Go to your Facebook Page

1. Open the 'Admin Panel (above your Cover Photo)

2. Click 'Help'

3. Select 'Get More Features' (This option isn't available on all Pages, contact Facebook Support if not)

4. Confirm you are a representative of the band or artist

5. Click 'Submit'

From here a Facebook will review your request. Once it is approved you will be able to edit the Music Catalogues on your Facebook Page.

Add the button

1. Open the 'Admin Panel'

2. Click 'Edit Page'

3. Select 'Update Info'

4. In the left sidebar select 'Music'

5. From here you can add or remove links to your music catalogues on Spotify as well as some other supported music services.


Follow these simple steps and soon enough your fans will be able to listen to the music you have on Spotify straight from your Facebook Page.