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How To Get A Slot On A BBC Introducing Stage

With festival season fast approaching bands and artists are furiously fighting for coveted festival slots at some of this summers biggest events. The stages that are most sought after for new and aspiring artists are the BBC Introducing stages that are popping up around every major event in the UK. Over the past few years these stages have helped launch artists such as Ed Sheeran, Everything Everything and Bombay Bicycle Club with the slot leading to airplay on national radio and potential appearances on TV, Radio and Online.

So how do you actually get a slot on a BBC introducing stage?
On the BBC website they state "The Line-ups are chosen via suggestions from all the BBC Introducing shows. These suggestions represent who they see as the hottest artists from their patch at that time".
How Do I Get My Tracks Into The Hands Of The BBC Introducing Team?
The first stage is to create an account and upload your tracks to the BBC introducing site here (Do it now!). This gives the BBC Introducing team direct access to your music and will allow them to suggest it for a slot. From here, a panel will listen to all of the suggestions put forward by the team and decide on the final line up for the event. The BBC say "We treat each stage individually, so producers and presenters can tailor their suggestions depending on the festival", meaning everyone has a fair chance at being picked for a slot.
Alternatively, they also take suggestions of bands/artists from the festival promoters and local organisations, so make sure you stay active within your area playing as many gigs as possible, staying active online with new releases and promotions for your fans. This will give you the best chance to stand out of the crowd. Good luck.
James Cherry