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How to find mentors

The Record Label In A Box mentor program


The first year in business is often said to be the most difficult.  It’s even harder when you have no support or guidance on what to do next.  A creative business has no set path, it is what you make of it; so we looked at possible ways to give that ongoing support to labels.  The stumbling block has always been where to start.  Over the last decade Ditto have expanded far beyond what we ever hoped and at each step we’ve found our own way and learned how to achieve whatever we wanted.


Ten years on we have developed a worldwide network of contacts, available to mentor the next generation of record labels.  Those on the mentoring program receive 12 sessions to be redeemed whenever they wish.  So if you want to put on a tour, we will provide an experienced tour manager to guide you thru and suggest a few contacts.  If you want to launch in the US we will set you up. If you want a licensing deal in Europe, we will connect you with experienced professionals to mentor you and provide connections.  It’s the fast-track to business development.