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How To Engage Fans On Twitter And Increase Your Following

Artist-fan relationships have never been more important to the life cycle of and band. The barriers between artistss and fans have crumbled with the development of social networks and now no area of a bands day to day life is off limits.

However artists often find it difficult to engage with their fan base and keep them interested. So we have put together four great tips on how you can tickle your fans fancy on Twitter.

1) Let Them Into Your Life

Fan's want to know the ins and outs of your daily lives, so don't just tweet "In the studio, recording a new track". Get on Instagram, post a photo of you in the studio. It is so much more engaging to share a picture than a few words and increases the chance of it being re-tweeted and commented on.

2) Create Your Own Trends

Encourage your fans to share amongst each other. Create a # trend, something simple like #ifimet[insertbandnamehere] and see what your fans come up with. It creates an added buzz and fans will love to share their ideas.

3) Consistency Is Key

There is no point posting once a day as it will just get lost in the Twittersphere. You need to commit to the process, I'd say an average of 5 updates a day (more if you can) will keep the fans happy and engaged. Throw in a picture, a link, some news, a gig, a video and a joke and you'll be laughing.

4) Reward Your Followers

If a fan tweets you and you find it funny, interesting or if they are promoting you then re-tweet it. Also, if a fan asks you a question reply to them. Get personal, strike up a conversation. These rewards will keep fans coming back and if you can give away a free ticket, t-shirt or CD. Could even tie it in with your new trend by creating a competition.

Hopefully you'll of found something new here to try out, so make a start today and let us know how you get on in the comments below.