12 May 2017

How To Crowdfund Your Next Album in 5 Steps


Crowdfunding can be one of the most effective ways for musicians to fund a new project, whether it be the production of an album, a tour, or other recording projects, while also creating a strong community of fans and supporters.

 How to crowdfund an album

Many musicians, however, make mistakes in their crowdfunding efforts, and their campaigns are often plagued with unrealistic goals and expectations. Despite this, there have been plenty of successful, impressive and innovative crowdfunding campaigns for musicians.

Melbourne-based Colombian band Amaru Tribe began running a campaign on the crowdfunding site Pozible in March 2017, with the aim of raising money to fund the manufacturing and launch of their album.

In a video posted to the band’s YouTube channel, they outlined their reasons for the campaign, how their fans could help and the benefits their fans would enjoy from supporting the project. The band utilised social media to gain more supporters for their campaign and successfully hosted their album launch in Melbourne in April.

 How to crowdfund an album


After achieving a successful album launch in just over a month through crowdfunding alone, here are Amaru Tribe’s top 5 tips on how to pull off a successful crowdfunding campaign.


How to crowdfund an album successfully


1. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

If you're in a band looking to produce, launch and release an album, you will need to sit down and look at the numbers; your fan base, the venue size etc. Write a list of what the most important costs are and what are the things you can really do yourself.

Record? Mix? Printing? Promo? Making as many tasks as you can DIY, will really reduce the cost of the project and can help create a more realistic campaign


2. Timing is key

Look around at what’s happening during your campaign; what other gigs are at a similar time and the popularity of these other musicians. Other gigs can really affect the support you receive for a campaign as potential supporters may be interested in buying tickets to a well-established band playing on the same night.

Being able to promote your campaign in an appropriate time frame, where there may not be many big names touring or even bands attempting to achieve similar goals as your band is crucial for your campaign being a success. The more opportunities you get to promote yourself the better.


3. Make a short, interesting video for your campaign

A funny and engaging video is the best tool for promoting your campaign to your fans and potential supporters. However, it can get boring if you try to explain the entire campaign from start to finish, as well as explaining why you need funding.

Sometimes it is better to leave the finer details out and focus on what fans need to do and what the end result of the campaign will be. Often these factors are what makes a campaign more effective as it is streamlined and easy to remember. Make it the video short and easy to understand, 2 -3 mins max.

Amaru Tribe's Pozible crowdfunding campaign video


4. Give yourself enough time to prepare after your campaign finishes, but not too much!

Probably no more than a month's planning, no further than 6 months after the campaign. We had a pretty tight schedule after our campaign which wasn't the best idea, but after all, it was really good to use all the promo we had from the campaign for the launch.

If you wait too long it loses momentum. Creating a timeline for your band’s launch is important to ensure there is the perfect amount of time to spend planning and putting together your album launch as well as maintaining the hype you generate from your campaign

5. Don’t give up. Ask friends and family for support.

Things might look cloudy in the middle of your campaign. We had some tough moments when we thought it wasn't going to happen, and even close friends telling us it was too much. We didn't pay attention to any of that and sent emails and personal messages to our friends to remind them about the campaign. Many people are too busy and can forget, but they always want to support you if they know the campaign is for a good cause.

Strong and consistent promotion of your campaign is just as important as rallying support from those closest to you and your band. These people are important to recruit in gaining support for your campaign as they will see your vision and feel the passion for your project.



If done right, crowdfunding can be hugely successful. Connecting and engaging with your fans is a key part of the process.

Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve from your project and promote yourself with a campaign you are confident in and know your audience will support. Good luck with your crowdfunding campaign! 


Have you carried out a successful crowdfunding campaign before? Got any great tips to share with other artists? Let us know in the comments below and share this advice with your fellow musicians.