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How musicians should embrace Halloween

Halloween is the one celebration a year where every single person can brand themselves as a darker version of themselves, or a disturbing creature of the night. That is no different to you musicians out there. All musicians should embrace Halloween as the time for a new marketing strategy which will make your fans string you and Halloween in the same sentence for all the good reasons.

Here are some tips and advice on how artists should embody the deadliest day of the year.

1. Write a song relating to Halloween 


The song doesn’t have to specifically say Halloween anywhere in the lyrics. It can, however, be related to zombies, werewolves, witches, the darkest hour – or something along those lines. For example, take the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He wrote quite a few hits that involved the gruesome antics of the undead rising from their graves in some spirit or another. Thriller is still the Biggest Selling Album of All Time in the Guiness Book of World Records – that should be inspiration enough for a Halloween-related song.

2. Create a Halloween video


This goes hand in hand with number one on the list. A song may be enough to go on the radio, but a video will get your music all over social media, not to mention YouTube. The Halloween video can be a music video for your scary single. Take Jamie T’s music video for “Zombie” as an example. It is simple yet effective. Jamie T and his band are playing in a dead bar – perhaps it is set during the zombie apocalypse where everyone is becoming infected. One by one the band members change into zombified versions of themselves whilst Mr T sings, “I got blood shot eyes, and there’s blood in my teeth.” Or, if you’re feeling more creative (and perhaps you have the funds), you could create a featurette for your song. Look to MJ again for inspiration with his short film called “Ghosts”.

3. Hold a special spooky performance


Get the decorations out and put on a show! Isn’t that what musicians love to do best? You can bring your own music together with covers of classic Halloween songs which will definitely get the crowd going. Throw in a couple of blackouts and classic sinister music like the 1978’s “Halloween” soundtrack or the ever-popular “Ghostbusters” sing-a-long for a fun-filled evening.

4. Make a horrific alter ego of yourself – or your band


The best part of Halloween is definitely dressing up and going all out in ghoulish costumes that make the Grim Reaper look like a pussycat. For the run up to Halloween, post pictures of your band as an evil alter ego to your social channels like facebook and instagram. Take inspiration from the artists who don’t show their human faces all year round such as Mushroomhead, Lordi, Gwar, Deadmau, and Kiss. Get some masks, face paint, chains and some kind of body armour that will make you seem completely different on the outside. Make your fans wonder who you are until they hear the sound of your voice.


This article was written by Faye Smith, Music Editor at Purple Revolver. Purple Revolver are organising Liverpool’s biggest Halloween bar crawl, DeadFest. For more information and to buy tickets click here.