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How Do I Sell My Music on iTunes?

There are several success stories from musicians who reached fame and fortune after someone discovered them online. Colbie Caillat spent years trying to gain success as a musician. After several producers and labels turned her down, she put some of her songs on Myspace. A producer discovered her, and she made a name for herself playing a song that dozens of other people hated. Even Justin Beiber started his career online after a producer discovered a video of him singing on YouTube. The popularity of being able to sell music on iTunes led to a whole new generation of people hoping to gain success online.

A digital music distribution service can help you sell your music online and increase your sales. Ditto Music is an example of a digital music distribution service that can help you with your needs.

A service of this type acts like any other distributor such as a soda distributor. The soda distributor gets soda from the major manufacturers, and the distributor finds outlets for that soda. Every time you see bottles on the shelves at a grocery store or convenience store, you should know that it comes from a distributor. A digital music distribution service acts like a soda distributor except that the company distributes your music to various outlets, including iTunes. Some people are hesitant to try these services because they think that the cost is too high, but that cost is pennies compared to the money you spend advertising yourself.

If you decide to get music on iTunes without any help, you must find ways to promote your music. You might create a blog, build a Facebook page, advertise in the local paper or buy advertising space online. Every single thing that you do to promote your music costs time or money. The time that you spend promoting your work takes you away from your regular job, and you spend less time with your family and friends. A digital music distribution service distributes your music to multiple outlets, including Spotify, hmv, Napster, emusic and Nokia. You can get sales from websites that you never even knew existed.

Some services such as Ditto Music can help you in other ways too. When you decide to work with the company, you sign a contract that gives you full rights to your music and lyrics. If a producer discovers your work and wants to sign you to a contract, you have the rights to do that. You can even use your songs on a CD released by your new producer or label. Once you sign with a label, you can also utilize the record label services provided by the company.

For example, the company can help you get your music onto SMS, set up pre-release music and help you get royalties for your music. Every time one of your songs plays on the radio, on television or in a movie, you earn a small amount. Ditto Music can ensure that you get that money every time someone uses one of your songs. If you keep searching for information on how to sell my music online, you should get in touch with Ditto Music. You can stop dreaming about your future, and you can make your dreams a reality.