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How Do I Make My Music Available to Download from Mobile Phones?

If you opt for the SMS Keyword service during the upload process of your music to us, we can make 1 track available for people to purchase direct from their mobile phones. This has a considerable amount of benefits for you, the artist, and can be utilised in a way to increase sales and give you a greater chance of impacting on the various charts.


What you will receive:


Shortly after uploading to us, if you have selected the SMS Keyword service you will receive details of the keyword (either the artists name or portion of the title), along with a 5 digit number. You can then send these details out to your social networks, ask bloggers to include on any features regarding you, list the details on your youtube video's and tell people at gigs, PA's etc to do download the track you've just played and they've reacted positively to there and then, meaning they get the music there and then, rather than waiting until they get home where they may take a long time to get around to downloading your music or may have forgotten the track name.




For people to download your music on itunes, amazon etc they need to have a debit or credit card and therefore be at least 18 years of age. People are listening to music at all ages and in having your music available for download via SMS it means it opens your songs up to be able to be purchased by many more people as the majority of society in the world today have a mobile phone. This service is therefore especially important for those artists with a large under-18 fan base.


Obviously making your music available to more people means that it can potentially increase your number of sales which is great but the added benefit is that all sales via SMS download also count towards the official chart positions. While you get paid on any of your keywords texted to the 5 digit number, the person has to then download the track from the link they get sent for it to be eligible for counting towards the chart placements.


If you have a release date in the future we can also set the SMS Keyword up for you so that the track is done on pre-order, meaning your fans who have texted the keyword to the given number receive the download link on the day of release. This can give you a prolonged period of time to push the track sales via SMS and can be tied in with the Pre-Order service to generate an even greater number of sales on the 1st week of release, inflating figures and giving greater opportunity to be included in various charts across the UK.