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How Do I Make Money From iTunes Match?

iTunes match is a new subscription service from Apple. It analyses iTunes users music library on their computers and mobile devices and replaces low quality tracks with versions from their official catalogue. As the official copyright holder, the artist earns money every time this new version of their track is played.

So how do you start earning? Well simply by distributing your music to the iTunes Music store. This will allow any users of iTunes Match to automatically pair up the track on their systems and each time they play the track you will receive a royalty. These royalties will be reported just as your iTunes download royalties are reported on a monthly basis.

So the only question remaining is, how do I get on iTunes? Well I am glad you asked, you can distribute completely free of charge with Ditto Music by entering code G7NNJC15 at the checkout.

Ditto Music will be importing the first reports for iTunes Match imminently.

James Cherry