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How Do Fans Discover Your Music?

If you think it's Facebook, Twitter or any social media then you're wrong.

It has become a common misconception amongst independent artists and musicians that if you share your music on social media platforms, new fans will discover your music and flourish you in 'likes', 'retweets' or maybe a cheeky '+1' for the Google lovers amongst us.

However, the reality is that social media plaforms play a very small part in music discovery. New statistics from the NPD Group have shown that more traditional dicovery techniques such as AM/FM radio and person-person communication play a far more important role in the process.

NPD Group researcher Russ Crupnick, asked 'highly-engaged music fans' "How did you first hear about (whatever song) you wanted to hear again?" - Check out the results.

Now this is not to say that social media platforms are not important in an artists marketing and promotional campaign, they can be highly effective in promoting and communicating with your fan base, however to build that fan base you should look at the broader picture, move past the over-hype and engage more with various techniques like regional/national/online airplay, YouTube videos, Street Teams, features in blogs/Podcasts and TV Sync opportunities.