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How Chris Watts Got Into MTV's Top 10

Chris Watts is a talented singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia and has been likened to Jake Bugg, The Kooks and Ed Sheeran. We have been working with Chris over the last year or so, on helping get his music distributed and heard.

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We caught up with Chris to get a little update on how things are going and to find out what’s next.

We’ve been working with you for a while now and we’re super proud and happy of what you have achieved since we first spoke with you. Tell us a little about what’s been happening over the last 6 months…

In the last 3 years of pursuing this carrier in music the last 6 months has been the hardest yet, but the most rewarding. Following the release of my debut album in 2014, 'Back Down', I pushed the track ‘Broken Bones’ as the single in Feb 2015. Working independently I created my own clip and worked with Ditto’s Melbourne office to launch it. 

You were recently announced in the top 10 of MTV’s Brand New competition, and you’re the only independent artist in the running. How did this all come about?

Working with Ditto we got it out to Rage, Tonedeaf, Vevo and then the invitation from MTV came through. It was an exiting couple of months. 


You’re currently in 4th position, but we did the maths and per-capita you are actually in the lead on votes! How does it feel to be doing so well against these other signed artists?

There are some amazing acts on the list and I very much feel a little out of place sometimes, but I'm still determined to work hard for a top spot. So with friends and fans behind me, I cant thank them enough. 


What advice would you give to independent artists who are unsure whether to go the indie route, or try and get signed to a label?

I guess from my experience and knowledge of the music industry, I had to start from the bottom. Which meant Independently, and I still am. Lots of people dream of that big signing to the major labels but that doesn't happen over night. So knuckle down and use your resources to get your self in the game and keep going! You never know what might be in store for you next…


What can we look forward to in the next 6 months? Any new music or tours on the horizon?

Last month I finished 5 demos and from there I went on to record one of the tracks properly in the studio. This new single will hopefully be set to drop in September. I would say it's probably my best track yet, and I hope everyone else digs it too. I’m also looking forward to the summer festival circuit!


To vote for Chris in MTV's Brand New click the hashtag #mtvbrandnew Chris Watts.


Check out Chris' self-directed video for 'Broken Bones'.