01 Jan 2016

How Can Remixes Boost Your Music Career?


The music world is a tough nut to crack for new aspiring artists. It is hard for someone unknown and with no contacts to get their music heard. One useful way for you to get your name out there is to use remixes. You can either remix an existing song or have someone else remix one of your songs. Here is why remixes will help you and your music career.

Remixing is good for practice

If you are still a bedroom producer, making remixes are a good way to build up your skill. Most of the groundwork for the song is already there, all you have to do is put your own spin on it and make the track yours. Remixing an already existing song is much quicker and easier than starting your own from scratch, so you can get a lot more done by remixing then doing it all yourself.

You can do it all by yourself

When you remix a song, you don't have to find a singer or instrument players, that will already be on the track you are remixing. All you need is your equipment and some inspiration, unless you want to get other singers, rappers or instruments on the track, it is all up to you. However, make sure you have the permission of the original artist before you remix their track.



All you need for remixing is a DAW (digital audio workshop) program!

Using others to get your name out

If you are remixing a famous artist's song, you can use their fame to boost your own. When people search for their song in the internet, your remix will pop up under theirs. If your remix is good enough, then people might check out your other stuff as well. Getting other people to remix your songs will also expose your music to their fans.

Get fans from other genres

Many remixers use songs from other genres and remix them into the genres they usually make. This is a useful way of gaining fans who listen to different genres than yours. If you like the vocals on a house song and think it will sound good in a dubstep track, then remix it. Fans of that song might like your version too and start listening to your music. This can work for you if you get others to remix your track into other different genres as well, since it exposes your music to more people.

People are guaranteed to like it

It is less risky to put out a remix of a song that is already popular and liked than to put out an original song. If you want to build up confidence a good way is to put out remixes. Unless you completely butcher a song people will most likely enjoy your remix.


Timbaland and OneRepublic

Timbaland and OneRepublic

It might end up better than the original

In some cases remixes of a song end up more popular and successful than the original. One famous example is Timbaland's Remix of Apologize by OneRepublic. This remix ended up on the dancefloors and radios all around the world, and actually helped OneRepublic get their name out! If someone else remixes your song and people end up liking it better, don't worry, it will only give you more publicity.

As you can see, there is no downside to making a remix. Use this advice and get started now! Or maybe you're an artist so why not get a remix of one of your own songs?


This article was written by Jonathon Wood from Music Gateway - develop your career and get connected.