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How Can My Band Use QR Codes? 4 Tips For Success



A QR code (Quick Response code) is an image that can be scanned with an app from a ‘smart’ phone to provide the user with information from the internet in a mobile location. This information can be a specific website, message, video or audio.

Over the past 12 months QR codes have been utilised by some of the world’s biggest artists and bands, from Justin Beiber to Biffy Clyro, and the cherry on the top is they are completely free to create.

There are a number of ways a QR code can be used, but here are our Top 4.

1. Use On Physical Products


If you have a physical CD pop a QR code on the packaging that allows a user to scan and listen to a title track. Or if you are promoting an event use the same technique on your flyers and posters. This will allow ‘on the fence’ fans to make a decision and gain you a few more fans.

2. Get Your Fans Involved

Secret gigs are a great way to build hype surrounding a release, use a QR code via your Social Media platforms to distribute the Google Maps location for the event on the day.

Top Tip: Do not make it too cryptic a location, it’s probably best to stick within a 1 mile radius of the actual venue.

Another method would be to give away tickets to the event via a QR code lead scavenger hunt, using Instagram to post the location to other QR codes around a venue, with the final location giving away VIP tickets.

3. If A Fan Is Going To See It, Then A QR Code Can Be Slapped On It

Everything your fans see is prime ad space for your brand, so when posting out merchandise slap a QR code sticker on the packaging that will send the user to thank you video message, priority for buying tickets or a free track. The extra effort will go a long way with fans.

4. Keep It Simple, Use Your Head

Remember, people will be accessing the information on a smart phone and a small screen, so keep it simple and clear. The only way a QR code campaign will be successful is all down to the content you are supplying. For users familiar with QR codes they expect unique content, exclusive offers. A basic link to your Facebook page or website simply won’t cut it here.

And finally….

QR codes are free to create and there are a number of sites that make it really easy, I recommend

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Feel free to post your ideas for QR codes below and we’ll happily let you know if we think they’ll work.