06 May 2015

How bands should manage their social media presence


It goes without saying that in today's social media dominated world, maintaining an online presence is an absolute must for every musician or band. Whether you're a busker or a stadium filler, successful band social media management can not only improve the relationship with your current fanbase but, more importantly, it can help you target new fans. Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to managing your social media properly.

Choose the right platform

It is a popular belief that an effective online presence is the one that covers each of the popular networking channels, from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to Snapchat and Vine. However, as you might find this extremely time-consuming, you might want to focus on those platforms that work for you best and are most likely for you to use regularly. Do not create an Instagram account, if you're going to post a few pictures at first and then stop using it. Choose those, which fit your bands social media best and make the most of them.


Content is the king

Choosing the right platform is important but what plays the crucial role is determining the type of content you are going to post on each of them. This may depend on your personal choice but here's what works well:


∗  Try treating Facebook as an informative medium and use it for more official updates, such as announcing tour dates, providing fans with external links for the album, tickets and merchandise purchases, posting official photos.

∗  For Twitter, try using more personal approach. If you're a band, as well as setting up the official band's profile, persuade each band member to activate an individual account, via which they would post personal opinions and pictures and interact with fans on a more intimate level.

∗  Instagram works well for posting 'behind the scenes' pictures. This might be snaps of the band on tour or recording session in the studio. Make your fans feel like you were one of their friends, don't be afraid to share your life with them. On the top of that, always use your hashtags wisely - too many may be off-putting but too few might not give your tweets enough reach.


Whatever you do remember not to duplicate content. Manage each platform separately and do not just copy posts from Twitter or Facebook. Also, remember to always be current and update each platform systematically.


Ed Sheeran sets a perfect example for establishing a strong social media presence


It's all about the engagement

Social networks are a fantastic tool helping you communicate and interact with your fans. Instead of practicing just one-way communication and limiting yourself to only posting, remember to engage and interact with your fans. Organise a Q&A session on Twitter, retweet the tweets that your band has been tagged in and it will help you raise the general awareness and create a buzz around your band. What you want from your fans is to be active and to constantly like, regram and retweet your content, which will lead to more followers and more fans.


Don’t be afraid of data

The internet provides you with an instant and direct communication with your fans, which easily offers you feedback and general information on your fanbase. Use your email list to send out a survey and improve your artist-fan relationship. Get to know the network's built-in data analytics system (such as Google Analytics or Twitter analytics) to measure and boost your impact on social media and know your audience. As intimidating as it may seem, some social networks provide you with the analysis of your online activity and it might be worth a while to determine what kind of content is working best.