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Help get Rik Mayall's Ditto Release 'Noble England' to Number 1!


Since we posted Rik Mayall's 2010 Ditto Music release this week, people all over the world have been campaigning to get him to number 1 and he is now in the UK top 10 single chart.

The entire world has been saddened by the loss of this wonderful comedic talent, but has rallied together to honour the man who brought us thousands of laughs over many years.

In 2010 we released his music video 'Noble England', and it has been amazing to see this great track make it back to the forefront of people's minds, and of course into the top 10 in the UK - a huge achievement, and testament to the massive fan base Rik has across the world.

We remember not only the Young Ones and Blackadder, but movies such as Guest House Paradiso and childhood favourite, Drop Dead Fred. Rik has been described as a 'creative fireball' who had a completely unique stage presence that was entirely his. The outpouring of tributes to Rik online, social media posts celebrating his life, and the efforts to get 'Noble England' to number one demonstrate the appreciation that we feel to artists, comedians, and people who make our world a bit brighter, a bit funnier, a lot better.

If you'd like to see 'Noble England' reach number 1 in the charts for the world cup - head here for more information on how you can get it there.

Vale Rik.

Thank you.



You can find more information about Rik's world cup single here.