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Grooveshark Launch Real-Time Analytics Platform

Grooveshark, yesterday launched a real-time insights tool that displays the listening habits of 20 million listeners.

The new platform, Beluga, is an open platform that gives artists, labels managers and brands can access specific user demographics of an artist’s fan base. This information can then be used to better target new fans and ensure you keep your current fan base happy. It will help you to plan your tours more accurately, what price your gig tickets should be, what merchandise to sell and even tell you if the majority of your fans are meat eaters or veggies.
The information supplying Beluga is provided from the millions of Grooveshark users, with additional data coming from opt-in information provided by users.
“Beluga is the next-tier of music insights,?? says Danika Azzarelli, Grooveshark’s senior director of public relations. “Basically, it allows anyone in the entire world to view data about any artist and market research based on surveys on the Grooveshark platform.??
Information about any artist within Grooveshark is available on the platform for any user to search and view, with the ability to export the data to CSV file. The streaming music network currently offers a catalog of more than 15 million songs.


To access information about your band/artist you simply have to distribute music to the Grooveshark platform, and then search for your artist name on Beluga.

Luckily Ditto Music can help you out there.
You have two options:
1. Create a new release and select Grooveshark from the retailers list.
2. Upgrade an old release to the Grooveshark store from your user dashboard.
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