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Google Play launches in Europe... is there any point?

Google Play, the Android equivalent of iTunes, announces European launch date.

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After the less than spectacular launch of Google Play in the United States, today Google announced it's plan to launch in Europe. On November 13, Google TV customers in the United Kingdom, France and Germany will be able to use their enabled TVs and Android devices to download music, movies and TV shows. Google also hinted at the service being expanded to additional countries:

"We're sorry for an earlier post that said we're launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tunes as we're bringing Google Play to new countries all the time."

An earlier post (that has since been deleted) hinted at the service also launching in Canada and Australia. Though this may be disappointing to some, it indicates that Google Play is going to continue to expand in those countries and many more in the near future.

Good idea?
Even though Google Play only owns about 29% of the app store market, they continue to rally on against Apple's App Store with seemingly impossible odds.
How do you think Google Play will affect iTunes' share of the European market?

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