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Global Rockstar Comp - Win $10K

Want to be in the running to win $10 000 US? This competition is easy to enter, and had over 2 million voters via facebook last year - that's a lot of exposure. The Global Rockstar Competition is looking for a great song, and anyone from anywhere in the world can enter.

Begininng in 2012, founder Christof states that 'our vision is to bring all nations together in a peaceful and fair music compeititon to conduce to a better international understanding'. Co-founder Ronny, 'wants to provide opportunities for artists of all countries and help them earn money with their work and get international visibility'.

Sounds pretty good, yeah?

Here's how you enter.

Head to:

It’s easy:
1. Sign Up
2. Upload a video or a YouTube link of your original Song until 5 August 2013.
3. Nominate your Song to participate in Global Rockstar 2013.
PLEASE NOTE: You can only participate with one Song. You can nominate a Song that you have uploaded prior to the start of Global Rockstar 2013. You cannot nominate a Song that participated in Global Rockstar 2012. The Song you nominate cannot participate in future Global Rockstar Contests.