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Get Your Music Published In TV With Sentric Music

Our partners over at Sentric Music are working with many different shows to get your music published and synced. We have a brand new opportunity to share with you.

Skins is one of the most popular TV shows in the UK and Sentric have already managed to get loads of unsigned artists onto the show.
Skins are now looking for more music and they have aksed Sentric for their help. Follow the brief closely and good luck!

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Hello again you lovely folk...

I'm very happy to report that the last batch of music we sent over to Skins went down so well we've been asked to send some more! This time they're looking for female fronted tracks which are melancholic and a bit depressing. So if Michael Stipe is reading this then please don't submit Shiny Happy People again. Cheers Micky.
If you think you have something that fits then please follow these instructions:
  • Submissions to be emailed to (please not to this Info@... address)
  • Submissions to be made by 10am Friday 14th October
  • All submissions must be at least 192kbps and in MP3 format
  • All Metadata must be correct on the files (read this to learn how to make the perfect MP3
  • All submissions MUST be registered on your Sentric Music profile
  • You may not receive a reply from us due to the high volume of submissions we receive. Though if you are selected well get in touch right away!
  • Please do not submit anything that doesn’t match the brief! there will be plenty of opportunities in the future so just hold on until something comes through that fits your music!
Whilst you're here check out the new podcast. It's got lots of really good music on it. Lovely.

Hope you’re all very well,

Simon and the Sentric Team