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Get Your Music On Muve, Only via Ditto Music

Be among the first unsigned and independent artists
on the exciting new Muve service. Only with Ditto Music.

What Is Muve?

Muve is a brand new service available on loads of mobile phones whereby fans can download and listen to great new music. Not only that but fans can also create their ringtones and ringbacks, all from their handset. Muve prioritise new music and even send a new playlist of fresh tracks to your handset every morning. Muve Social allows you to share music and ringtones with all your friends - a fantastic music promotional tool. Muve is powered by the huge US cell provider Cricket, who have 7 million customers in the US.

Be The First Unsigned/Independent Artist On Muve

Upload to Muve today via Ditto Music. Sign up here or login (also via Facebook) to your dashboard and upgrade for less than you would spend on a can of Coke.

Ditto Music, Always The First With New Stores

Ditto Music always have and always will be the first to get your music on the newest and biggest stores. We believe in giving the widest choice to our artists and launch 1-2 new stores every month. Ditto are also the only company to offer an a-la-carte system where you choose your own stores - after all, it's your music! More choice, more freedom, more power.

Login now and get your music on Muve.